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Frenchly Speaking: Distance and in France French lessons. Illustration: Anne Derenne

Learn French the way you always wanted to

Is French not your mother tongue? Discover the secrets behind the efficiency of the Frenchly Speaking classes.

Tailor-made classes

Since it’s impossible to pigeonhole everybody in one single category, Frenchly Speaking is very different from the global and standardised formulas for teaching languages, because everything is has been thought out especially for you. With a personalised approach designed to fit your needs and a tailor-made quality, Frenchly Speaking gives you the most efficient solutions to achieve your language goals.

Via Skype or by phone…

While learning French via Skype or by phone your teacher will be able to follow you wherever you go. This way helps you to save time, giving you great flexibility, and as a consequence it also guarantees regular classes, one of the most important keys to success in your French language learning.

And also in France

Is there anything better than an intensive French class in France to practise your language skills? Say goodbye to the classroom and the traditional textbook method! We propose learning in real life. A unique intensive course formula especially designed for you that Frenchly Speaking prepares for each one of you.

With friends or alone

Frenchly Speaking only offers one-to-one classes or group classes that you have set up yourself (friends, workmates, family…). Alone or with friends, you’re in the safe hands of an experienced, qualified native teacher.


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