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In France

Frenchly Speaking: Learn French in France. Illustration: Anne Derenne

French Outside the Box

Experience the French language and culture in France

You want to put into practice your knowledge without being stuck on a chair, while experiencing the French way of life: go ahead and discover French Outside the Box.

After the theory: practice!

First of all, the objective of this course is communication: all has been organised to offer you the best opportunities to interact with native speakers in real everyday situations. In this way you’ll improve your fluency, your comprehension skills, and also your self-confidence. You’ll learn to lose your fear, eventually allowing you to feel more and more comfortable.

Learn French far from the textbooks and the classroom

The second advantage of this programme is that you can enjoy your stay in France all the time: why travel so many kilometres to finally stay indoors? With French Outside the Box the street is the classroom: the city, shops, museums, parks, not to forget the cafés or brasseries; they all allow us to assess your progress, since we never lose sight of your language goals.

Add to your programme, with no extra cost, all the options you can imagine

As your programme is 100% customizable, you’ll be able to:

Teachers that speak your language

What’s more, with Frenchly Speaking, the teacher, empathetic and aware of the difficulties the students have to deal with, adapts to the rhythm and mother tongue of each student*.


Get hold of the French language and culture: The perfect combination to make the best of them and discover a more authentic France.

There’s only one step from dreams to reality: leave the classroom and show your true language skills!

*English, Spanish and Japanese

Free French class!

After assessing your written level of French, Frenchly Speaking will give you your first class free. Then you will meet your teacher who will assess your speaking level, study your needs, set with you your language goals, and if you’re convinced, he/she will gather the information necessary to prepare the programme for your own language course.


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